Umashree, The Meaning

We all know that crores of galaxies in this universe revolve around one origin which is known as SHIVA in Vedas and the eternal energy to revolve all of the galaxies around is called SHAKTI, as said in PURANAS. SHAKTI is also known with another name, UMA and Shree indicate all kinds of Prosperity.

In all, Umashree means the Eternal Energy with All Kinds of Prosperity.

Thus, to bring forth an energetic beauty with an eternal elegance of a lady – is the sole meaning of Umashree. Manuni Vyas is the CEO of the studio, Umashree, Who designs the elegance.


Custom Apparel Design

When it comes to fashion, it's engaging to have an individual style, so get ready to design customize Clothing & Apparel for Your Group, Event, or Individual as per theme, concept that falls into different color, high quality fabric printing, featuring variety of designs and artwork and thus, transform your ideas into the reality.


Bridal Wear

Umashree is one stop destination to bring you the unique wedding outfit that includes a wide variety of wedding lehengas, designer wedding sarees and wedding gowns that are easily customizable to provide you with the perfect fit for your wedding. Our beautiful section of bridal wear will not only make you look different but also make you feel absolutely gorgeous on your special day. Also, we strive to bring you the best in traditional and contemporary designs. Our goal is to ensure that you are provided with a high level of attention and a personal touch to your ideas to ensure that your chosen outfit is perfect for you. Whether you are seeking an ethnic, high-end fashion or a fusion look, we can meet the all the demands as per your needs.

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Western Design

Earlier we use to wear only our traditional outfits but now the time has changed and we have accepted the western wear happily. As the time commences fusion wear is very much in trend and western wear has reached in the fashion world. Every day is a fashion game and when you want things to turn right, getting the right wardrobe is very much important. Right from formal dressing to casual ones dressing up is our style mantra and every day is a play to come up with something different and new. Like a magic, the western dress gets delivered right at your doorstep on the stipulated time committed and provide you with the best glamorous look.