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Manuni Vyas

Fashion Designer

Manuni Vyas, and with my heart touching passion in this field of fashion and designing I decided to step down into fashion career for which acquired a topmost degree from NIFD. Within an year with my creativity and efforts, i was  awarded  by India’s top most designer Mr.Manish Malhotra. As time commences, i decided to open by own Boutique named Walcal in 2005. Meanwhile in short time decided to invent brand name Umashree for Ethinc. traditional, Bridal dress and finally got an devastating oppurtunity to showcase my talent as CEO of Umashree.

Discover her Journey

Design Process


Initial Consultation

A questionnaire will be sent prior to the consultation to assist with the design process. It consist of getting ideas from client regarding style, specification and reference images for apparel that needs to be designed.


Development of Design

Preparing initial design as per concept, working on style, color, features and send further for client clarification.



Agreement regarding timeline and costing for product is send to client for it's approval .


Outfit Design

Design outfit based on client requirement and ask client for feedback.


Final Delivery

The designer will work on final alterations and deliver the product to client.